Were Sorry Boss


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DarkRoomVR Published on Jun 5, 2023
Climbing the corporate ladder is difficult. With so much competition for top jobs, some candidates will do anything and everything to rise within a company. Angelika Grays and Emily Mayers are two such women. Determined to get ahead by any means necessary they don't mind using their bodies as well as their brains to score points with the boss. They are both invited on an important business trip with their boss. The two beautiful women share a room and stay up late talking and arguing about who is the boss' favorite. They make so much noise that he comes over to scold them for waking him. He is very upset with both of them and also a little turned on from the 7K VR porn he was watching in his room. The girls do not want him to be angry and can sense that he is staring at them with other emotions running through his head. They decide that now is the perfect time to see who he truly favors. They stand up together, showing him their bare asses and begging for his forgiveness. Is there any way they can make it up to him? He knows just what he wants and roughly grabs them by the cheeks. The girls know that this is the opportunity they have been waiting for and fight over his big cock. When it is nice and wet he bends Angelika over and fucks her pussy from behind. When he tries Emily, she buries her face between her rival's parted thighs. They both work hard to please their boss and be his favorite. He rewards them with a big creamy load of cum. He won't be choosing a favorite. Not when he has two cum-hungry sluts ready to serve him.
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