Try on Haul

Starring: Arina Shy

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RealityLovers Published on Aug 11, 2023
My Oh My, it’s Arina Shy, we are looking forward to this VR vixen for sure. This slinky slimline Ukrainian beauty is looking deeply at us with her smoky blue eyes and, she has such a delicate set of facial features, a definitely elegant hottie. She’s all alone with just our camera rig for company. Her soft brown hair and firm toned body are a dream, she’s just effortlessly got the magic as she chills out in her Daisy Duke denim shorts hugging her that tight ass and juicy pussy. In her white sneakers and green tit-tight top, we can see Arina has quite a girly package to unwrap for us. Out pop her brilliantly shaped boobs, perfectly formed and just a perfect handful with her pink nipples standing to attention in anticipation for some fanny action. Arina strips off her denim shorts, right down to her silky white panties, she is just 5’6”, and now she’s pulling her knickers down her slender legs to treat us to a perfect pussy shot. She widens her legs putting her cunt and fantastically tight asshole right in our VR faces, almost close enough to lick. You’d just love to slip your tongues over her wet smooth fanny lips as she dribbles with joy, wouldn’t you? A highly tempting cunnilingus jackpot slot. In her late 20s, Arina Shy is clearly not as shy as perhaps she once was, and by the look between her legs she can provoke a “perfection erection”. She’s slipping into new lingerie, looks like we are in for more of a treat, teasing us all the way she slips her top off and pulls down her panties, just look at her smooth silky body. With her cheeky smile and the shaven haven, she stretches out to drive us nuts. Touching herself, because we can’t… Arina needs a lady wank. Her sensational pussy is moist, her clit bean needs flicking and with no doubt would love licking. Flicking her clit furiously, our girl is getting very wet, by the look on her face she might explode, but then you might first as you jerk off to this Ukrainian minx. We think you will agree that this was some seriously fantastic fanny fandango. We can see you’re not shy Arina. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.
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