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Fap For Me

Starring: Arina Shy

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VirtualTaboo Published on Jul 4, 2024
Hello. You are probably wondering why I asked you over today, especially since my boyfriend and stepbrother arent home. I know you have been my brother’s friend for years and that is why I trust you with this very important question. You see, things have been a little slow in the bedroom with my boyfriend. I bought some new lingerie hoping it might inspire him to look at me the way he used to. I’ve seen the way you look at me when you are over here. It’s OK, you dont need to be shy. I like it. Sometimes I even go out of my way to get you to notice. Now I want my boyfriend to notice me the same way you do. Just relax and look at me. Look at my body, the way this outfit pushes up my tits. The way my legs look when I open them. Do I look like a hot VR porn model? You like it. I can tell. I can see your cock in your pants. Wow, you really grew in all the right places. Let me see it. Yes, I’m serious. Take out your dick and let me see how hard my body makes you. If you do, I’ll let you see a little bit more. Just take it out for me and stroke it a little. No, I wont tell my stepbrother or my boyfriend. It will be our secret. Do you think my boyfriend will be this big and hard when he sees me take this off? That looks so sexy, you are making my pussy wet. I cant help myself, I just have to put my fingers inside. Oh yes, come on, cum with me, please show me how much you want me. I wont tell a soul.
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