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Between You And Me

Starring: Arina Shy

virtualtaboo VR Porn Profile
VirtualTaboo Published on Jul 3, 2024
Arina Shy has not seen her boyfriend for a long time. He is off to college and they miss each other quite a bit. They have found creative ways to keep each other interested and have sexy time even while they are far apart. With her camera out, Arina puts on one of his favourite outfits to record a very sexy message for him to watch alone. Pretending to be a VR-Porn Star, she gets close to the camera and shakes her ass, telling him all of the naughty things she wants to do to him. Arina is getting so horny that she doesnt notice when her stepbrother comes into the room. She is embarrassed and asks you not to tell her parents, but notices that you are covering up a big bulge in your pants. She playfully flashes you, asking if you like what you see. You do and admit to being jealous of her boyfriend. In this VR porn video, she asks to see your cock and is amazed, telling you it is so much bigger than her boyfriend’s. Overcome with desire she licks your cock, telling you that she wants you to fuck her, but swearing you to secrecy. Her boyfriend can never find out. You agree to her terms without a second thought, moving your cock from her mouth to her tight pussy as you slam her from behind. You take control and fuck her so much better than she is used to. She screams your name and begs you to bang her harder. After she rides you to climax, Arina begs you to cum all over her pretty face. You were both so excited that you forgot that her camera was still rolling. Her boyfriend is going to get a big surprise when he sees what she shot for him.
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