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Sex Ed

Starring: Hannah Vivienne

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RealityLovers Published on Aug 23, 2023
Fetishes and fantasies drive our desires, we need a good teacher so that we get a good sexual education. That is why we are in for a treat from Hanna Vivienne who will boost our brains and empty our balls with Sex Ed. What a fantastic look Hannah has, this Belarusian babe in her early 30s has the perfect body, she’s Goldilocks good, at 175 cm (5’8”) she’s not too short, not too tall, in fantastic shape and silicon-free except for the massive latex dildo she loves to shove up her cunt and not a single slutty tattoo. In the classroom, Hannah reminds us what a cock is for in the context of sex, yes, it's for banging babes, so she uses her undoubted artistic talents and draws a large dick on the whiteboard. She’s looking quite the hottest teacher we’ve seen in far too long. Her long glossy black hair swept back, in a sexy secretary-style, black high heels, black-rimmed glasses with the erotic punch of a short black skirt and tight white blouse. Our solo student is paying close attention as his dick swells up, not surprising as Hannah perches herself on a desk in front of him, legs open playing with a massive dildo like a demo prop. Our guy is almost bursting out of his jeans. Hannah takes the lesson further, whipping out the guy's massive penis, now it's free from those jeans we can see he’s a big boy, giving his prick a wobble, stroke and a bit of a blowjob lick. Now that’s quality education. She pops her glasses off we don’t want them steaming up do we and it looks like things are getting hot. Her clothes are coming off too, her totally natural boobs are just the right size and perfect shape for a little tit wank, our man's growing erection can only end up in her fanny, and he’s a big boy. Sinking it into her gash for a smash, her “girly gyros kebab”, his massive man sausage is going to start testing the width of her wet pussy lips to destruction. Thrusting his prick in and out of her sweet spot they are both interacting in the lesson very well, Hannah is learning a thing or two as our student seems to be getting high marks for not blowing his load too soon as his balls tingle to the wet wonderland of her juicy joy slot. We think we can predict how this lesson might end and Sex Ed is our contribution to your learning on the sexual subject of human biology. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.