Sasha Plus Wera


When you married your wife, you didnt realize that her coed daughter would be moving in with you with no set plan to move out on her own. For the most part, Sasha Rose created no problems. She is a good student, well behaved and helpful. If anything, you found your new wife to be a little too strict with her lovely daughter. Sasha is very comfortable with you and seem to have figured out that you are far more lenient than her mother when it comes to things like staying out late with her friends. One weekend, your wife leaves you alone with Sasha. Sensing that you might be a soft touch she hit you up for permission for her new friend Wera Angel to stay overnight. In this VR porn video, they come to you, looking innocent and adorable and call you 'daddy' for the first time. You try to ignore it, but they are flirting with you hard and in no time at all your pants are getting tighter. Now that they have your attention, these sexy bad girls know just how to convince you to see things their way. They bend over, lifting their skirts and promising that if you let them stay, you can have anything you want. They see your cock is hard and spread their legs to show you where they want it. Let them have their way and they will let you have your way with their tight, young holes. Dont you want to play with them 'daddy'?
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