Open Legs Can Open Any Door

Starring: Sasha Rose

Sasha Rose is nineteen years old and tired of being treated like a small girl. Her parents are gone and left her brother strict instructions not to let her go out. When he got the chance to see his girlfriend, he left the house, asking his best friend to make sure that Sasha didnt go out. Bored and looking for a way to get away to meet up with her friend, Sasha notices her brother’s friend secretly checking her out. In this VR porn scene, she decides that this is her best chance to get out of the house and starts teasing him. It doesnt take too long before she has him right where she wants him. Sure he can see more. In fact, he can do anything he wants as long he promises to let her go out and then keep it a secret. She playfully pulls out her tits and shows them off. As much as he wants to be a good friend, Sasha looks as good as any girl in a VR Sex Scene and she is all his if he wants her. When she has his word, Sasha grabs his cock and starts sucking. She knows what she is doing and loves how big and hard his dick gets in her mouth. Forgetting about meeting her friend, Sasha stops sucking and strips naked. She needs to feel that big meat inside of her. It feels huge when he slips it in from behind. It has been a long time since Sasha has been fucked this well. She rides him until he cant take it anymore and then sucks a big load from his dick all over her face. The freshly fucked teen is still going out, but she makes him promise to fuck her again when she gets home.
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