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Come Play With Me

Starring: Sasha Rose

virtualtaboo VR Porn Profile
VirtualTaboo Published on Feb 17, 2024
As a plumber, you dont have a job that most people would consider glamorous. It is a lot of hard work and the best days are still pretty rough. You certainly never go to work in the morning expecting to have an experience straight out of a VR-Porn fantasy. No one would ever believe it, but as you came out of the bathroom on your job today you had an unbelievable experience. You are expecting to find the man who hired you, but instead his young wife is on the bed wearing sexy white lingerie. Sasha lets you know that her husband had to go to work and he asked her to pay you when you left. She wanna be your little stepsister today. She can see you staring at her and smiles. If you do a particularly good job, she promises to give you a very special tip. You are nervous, but do not look away as she rolls around on her bed, sticking out her ass and asking if you like what you see. Of course, you do, she is gorgeous and the more she takes off, the more you want to stay and see more. Since you did such a good job in such a short time, she wants you to have fun. Take out your cock and stroke it for this pretty young wife. She smiles when she sees how big it is and encourages you to pump it while she plays with her pussy. Watching you makes her cum all over her fingers. Oh my, now she has something else to thank you for. Why dont you stay a while and show her how well you can use that big pipe on her neglected married pussy.
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