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Backstage Pass

Starring: Michael Boston

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VRBGay Published on Sep 30, 2023
Okay, listen up because even though it's all rather easy, at the same time we need to tell you something pretty important. We know that you guys love our bareback gay VR sex scenes a whole lot – so we keep on producing them all the time – but while we're trying to cover as many sexual dreams and fantasies with gay themes of yours as possible, sometimes we simply have to get back to our own roots and present you with something a little bit more vanilla. What do we mean by that? Well, Backstage Pass is our latest gay VR porn movie with balls licking on behalf of which we're gonna use one of the most basic and fundamental ideas of all – literally hooking you up with a beautiful shaved gay VR porn star, Michael Boston, and making you his private photographer. You know what they say about such private photo shoots with sexy models, and even though not all of these things are true, most of them… well, they simply are. And especially we're talking about a photo shoot done at VRBGay.com – the website where every kinky idea becomes even kinkier and where gay sex is never a taboo and we're never scared to give it to you in all existing forms. So, as mentioned above, this time 'the deal' is as straightforward as possible – it's gonna be you, Michael Boston, your camera, his perfect body, a sensual atmosphere full of sex… You know where we're heading, right? So just wear your VR goggles as we speak and simply become part of this immersive gay VR xxxencounter – this could be one of the best evenings you've ever had and something tells us you'll be more than happy with the company of this hot model, and even more when he's finally gonna get naked in front of you.
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