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Red White And Blue Is Too Hot To Be True


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VirtualTaboo Published on Oct 17, 2023
After your divorce you came to California to live with your best friend. He has always been there for you and was a great comfort in your time of need. Like you, he had been through a divorce and was settling into his new life nicely. When you moved in, you didnt expect to last for long. You also did not expect for his daughter Anastasia to be so grown up. At nineteen, she came home from college for the summer and has been running around the house in increasingly more revealing outfits. She rally seems to be flirting with you, but you put that out of your mind. She is your best friends daughter. You have known her since she was little and there is just no way she is coming on to you. One day with her father already gone to work, Anastasia comes downstairs dressed for the gym. She wants your opinion. Her father says the bottoms of her workout clothes show off too much of her ass. What do you think? All you can think is how gorgeous her ass looks. She catches you staring and knows you like what you see. Bending over, she shows you how hard she has been working to keep her young backside so firm. On the floor, she sticks her ass out and makes you a dangerous offer you cant refuse. She will take off her clothes and show you more if you take out your cock and play with it for her. You know you shouldnt, but the chance to see her firm young tits and tight ass naked it too much to resist. Anastasia watches you stroke. Rubbing her pussy, she confesses to having a huge crush on you and how the thought of your cock always makes her cum. Next time she wants to fuck, but for today cumming in your hand while she plays will have to do.
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