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Good Girl Does Bad Things

Starring: Jessika Night

virtualtaboo VR Porn Profile
VirtualTaboo Published on Oct 30, 2023
Young sister Jessica Night shows up for your moms party. Somehow she got the invitation wrong and is three hours early. Your mom is still out shopping, but you tell Jessica she can hang around and wait rather than calling for a ride home. She thanks you for your kindness, but just stands in the middle of the room clutching her books. You just want to get back to playing video games, but she just hangs around, staring. She catches you staring back and smiles. Jessica sits on a table looking at herself in the mirror and slowly pulls up her skirt in the back until you can see her bare ass cheeks. For a nerd she has a really sexy ass. Seeing you checking her out, she sits in a chair across from you, covering up her pussy with the book. She asks if you would like her to put her textbook on the table and you agree. Now she is free to show you what is under her skirt. She shows her long legs and her little white panties. Jessica tells you that she really didnt get the time wrong. She wanted to come early and catch you home alone. She has a crush on you and wants you to see her for more than nerdy sister. Removing her oversized sweater she shows off a pair of perky breasts that you did not expect her to have. Her panties come off next as she sits with her legs spread asking if you like what you see and inviting you to sample more. As she fingers her wet pussy, begging you to give her what she came for you have to decide if you will go for it. There is still time before your mom gets home. Will you give nerdy Jessica the cock she craves?
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