I Need Your Advice

Starring: Jessika Night

Tonight is a night Jessika has been waiting for. Her first big party and her new college. All of the cool guys will be there including the guy she has a huge crush on. She wants to look fantastic to really catch his eye and steal his attention from all of the other girls at the party. Deciding to leave nothing to chance, she asks her stepbrother for his opinion. It takes some effort to get him to put his VR Headset aside to help her, but once he gets a look at Jessika in her dress, his focus shifts completely to her spectacular body. In this VR porn video, you stand there staring so she decides to tease you a bit by letting the strap of her dress slip off of her shoulder. Shocked, you watch as she shows you more skin. You tell her that the dress is very sexy and that any guy at the party will want to take her home. Jessika likes the sound of that and continues to strip for you. Seeing you frozen in place, your eyes filled with lust as they scan up and down her body emboldens the pretty brunette. By the time she is naked, she can see your throbbing cock straining to get free. She tells you that she wants to see it and asks if you would like to stroke your cock while she masturbates. You arent about to turn down the chance and begins to pump your dick. Jessika touches herself and tells you all of the naughty things she has planned for the party, how she is going to find the guy she licks and fuck him silly. You both cum watching each other and she promises to come to visit you in bed when she gets home.
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