Help Is Coming

Starring: Jessika Night

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VirtualTaboo Published on Apr 20, 2024
Jessika Night hasnt been dating lately, but thanks to her favourite vibrator she still manages to get herself off frequently. It may not be as good as the real thing, but she makes it work. She usually has plenty of private time since her stepbrother spends his nights using his VR Headset to watch VR-Porn. Right in the middle of a particularly hot session with her toy, Jessika looks up to find you watching from the doorway. First, she is surprised and then angry, but when she sees the size of the cock you are holding in your hands, her mind is filled with other thoughts. Faced with a flesh and blood cock of substantial size, Jessika begins to rethink her 'do it yourself' attitude towards sexual satisfaction. Her puss is already wet so you easily slide in from behind, stuffing her hungry twat with throbbing meat until she has taken it all. She climbs on top of you and rides while you use her vibrator to keep her clit going. She cant believe that she had such a skilled lover with such a great cock living under the same roof. You cant believe how horny and ready your stepsister is. It feels so much better than her toy and even if they both know it’s wrong, nothing is going to stop them. They are going so hard that she doesnt notice when you cum in her pussy. That wasnt part of the plan, especially since she isnt protected. She is pissed at you, but your cock is so good that she knows she will be calling her doctor to get the pill so she can fuck you any time she gets horny.
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