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Sweet Trio


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RealJamVR Published on Oct 31, 2023
Lisa had her hot friends Sabrina and Elina over for a girls’ night. As they hung out and tried on different outfits they found themselves on the bed, in their underwear, snapping some selfies. As they snapped away, they stripped off each other’s clothes then they set the phones down so they could get down to business, touching and teasing each other. The ladies took turns getting into a hot 69 with each other as they kissed, fingered, and licked each other. Fingers and tongues gave way to toys as they got out their vibrators and used them on each other. All three girls fucked themselves with their toys and came all over them then they teamed up, two girls working on one, to make sure each of them got to cum hard while getting fucked by a vibrator and kissed by the other hotties. This night started out as a fun night of talking and ended up a hot night of cumming!
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