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Two Kind Of Hotties


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VirtualTaboo Published on Nov 23, 2023
It is always difficult when two women are in love with the same man. Things are further complicated when those women are best friends. That is exactly what happened when Angelika Grays and Romy Indy both fell for their hunky neighbor. Not wanting to let a man come between them they agreed that only one of them could have him and that the other would step away. To make things fair they decided to visit him and let him choose. Flattered and confused, he listened as the girls explained the situation. Hoping he would make a completely informed decision, they stood before him showing off their tight young bodies. He got a great view of their asses thanks to tiny shorts, but the girls wanted to show him more. They went topless for a bit before finally just stripping completely naked. The girls could tell he was very interested, but in which one? Both? No, he had to choose just one. Noticing how hard his cock is, they invite him to take it out and stroke while they sit back and rub their pussies. Everyone has gotten so horny that they forget about the competition and just start getting off. His eyes dart from Angelika to Romy and back while his hand furiously strokes his big dick. The girls finger their pussies and cant wait for him to pick one to fuck. They all cum at the same time, but which one will he choose?
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