Your Lesson Is Not Over Girl


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VirtualTaboo Published on Feb 28, 2024
After a disturbing yet erotic experience, while out selling cookies, Lilly Bella runs to her teacher’s home to tell him. Her teacher’s wife, Jessy lets her in and listens while Lilly gives the couple every dark and thrilling detail. The tale turns you on and your wife can see your cock throbbing in your pants. Jessy Jey VR can see the sexy student staring at her man’s bulge and can see from the glint in her eyes that the two have been having an affair. She is angry, but not because you cheated on her, but because you didnt share the sexy teen with her. Strap on your VR Headset and enjoy the action as Jessy brings Lilly over to you and orders the pretty blonde to suck your cock right in front of her. Worried at first, she gains confidence when your wife joins her and they blow you together. Enjoying the dominant role and watching you, Jessy has you fuck Lilly hard from behind. Happily teaching Lilly new tricks, Jessy makes sure to get some hard cock for herself. You are enjoying having two women so much that your dick is harder, your thrusts more powerful and you give them everything you have. Taking full advantage of the situation Jessy lets Lilly ride your big cock while she enjoys the teen’s tongue between her legs. They return to sucking and share a huge load of cum between them. Lilly will be invited over often to please you and your lusty wife.
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