Revenge Served Hot

Starring: Jessy Jey

Jessy Jey knows that her husband is fond of fucking his hot female students. She enjoyed the three-way last time when the little tart showed up during the 'Save the Planet' project, but she still hasnt completely forgiven him for banging the girl behind her back. Waiting for the perfect time to get even, Jessy is given a gift when her husband sends one of his young male students to the house to pick up some papers. Her husband did not tell her he was sending someone over, so she was surprised when you showed up in her bedroom. As soon as she sees the handsome young man in her house, Jessy knows just how to get her revenge. She tells you that before she will give you the papers, you have to give her what she craves, your big, juicy cock. You hesitate, not wanting to make your professor angry, but she is too good to pass up. Jessy looks like a VR-Porn model and she is begging for your dick. Who can say no to that? Once she gets a taste of that young cock, the horny wife wants more. She slips out of her negligee and turns around, begging you to bang her wet box from behind. You fill her so well and she understands why her husband likes fucking his students so much. They have such boundless youthful energy. You pick up speed as you gain confidence, fucking his professor’s wife until she cums all over your thrusting cock. Jessy wants something from you and wont give you the papers until you feed her his creamy load. She leaves you with the promise that you keep it a secret, for now.
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