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My Body Wants You

Starring: Jessy Jey

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VirtualTaboo Published on Mar 21, 2024
Beautiful Jessy Jay VR wakes up from a sexy dream. She is still horny and wants you to get back into bed, but you are running late for work. You have an important meeting and cant play with her so she decides to tell you all of the naughty details of her dirty dream. Jessy gets out of bed and tells you how she was the star of a VR Sex Scene in her dream. She was surrounded by men and you in VR Headsets all watching her strip. Getting closer to you, she showed you how she moved and what kind of a sexy show she put on. Telling you how she stripped and touched herself in front of you, Jessy watched yours cock getting hard in your trousers. You tried to concentrate on your shaving so as not to cut yourself shaving. She dropped her top and started to play with her stiff nipples. Seeing that you still havent stopped getting ready, Jessy continues her story, now fully naked and with her fingers sliding between the wet lips of her pussy. If you are going to go to work anyway, she will just have to finish herself off alone. Reliving her filthy dream, Jessy feels her body tense up and she cums all over her fingers. How can you leave when she is so horny and so ready to let you share her fantasy?
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