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Rainbow Dash By Sia Siberia

Starring: Sia Siberia

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VirtualTaboo Published on Dec 22, 2023
Sia Siberia was skeptical about the anime convention, but her best friend convinced her to go. She even helped Sia make a really sexy costume of Rainbow Dash. Sia felt silly all dressed up, but as soon as she hit the floor she understood why her friend loved it so much. All of the guys at the convention (And many of the girls) stared at Sia and her sexy outfit. Most tried to be sly and watch as they passed by, but she noticed them noticing her and it turned her on. Feeling their eyes on her body was intoxicating. Remembering the lusty stares of guys at the con, Sia smiled and opened a bag she had brought home. One of the booths at the show was selling exotic sex toys. Normally she would never have purchased something so intimate in a public place, but the guy in the booth was flirting hard and gave her a free toy to take home and sample. Sia imagined horny guys watching as she licked the tip and felt the weight in her hands. It was big and thick and she couldnt wait to feel it inside of her horny little pussy. She imagines being surrounded by horny fanboys stroking their cocks while the big multi-colored dong fills her hole. Sia fucked herself harder and faster, making the cute anime faces she had seen in the books and cumming harder than she could remember. Next time she was going to bring one of those horny guys home to fuck her for real.
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