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Misa Amane Private VR Diary

Starring: Sia Siberia

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VirtualTaboo Published on Jan 2, 2024
Pretty young Sia Siberia VR wanted to give her boyfriend something special for his nineteenth birthday. She told him to pick out any outfit for her to wear in bed the next time they hooked up. In this VR porn video, she tries on what he picked out. He bought her something from his favorite anime, costume of Misa Amane. She assumed it would be something skimpy, but did not expect it to be tiny. The top was completely see-through and the bottoms barely covered her neatly shaved-pussy. The thigh-high socks had more fabric the rest of the outfit combined. Still, Sia felt cute and sexy. When her boyfriend arrived, he loved the outfit, but she wanted to tease him. Making him sit near her bed, she posed in the new clothes. Spreading her long legs Sia showed him her ass and her stocking covered toes. Seeing his reaction, Sia knew that he liked what he saw. She pulled the top off and slid her hands into the tiny bottoms, rubbing her wet pussy. He was more than ready, but she told him to take out his cock and watch while she pulled aside the bottoms and gently fingered her tight twat. He was going to get to fuck her, but only after he jerked off watching her make herself cum. It was going to be a birthday to remember.
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