Join Me If You Dare

Starring: Sia Siberia

Ever since she started reading Manga and doing VR cosplay, Sia Siberia just cant seem to keep her hands off of her herself. Dressing up cute always makes her feel pretty and the looks she gets from guys and girls alike, make her horny as can be. The stories and art in her books drive her crazy as she fantasizes and plays with herself. She loves to get dressed up and read the sexy stories even when she is alone. Reading the words and turning the pages, she can picture herself in the erotic adventures or the star of her own VR sex fantasy. Her nipples stiffen under her costume and Sia lets them out, pinching them and feeling the bolts of pleasure shoot throughout her body. Sometimes she is so horny that cant stop touching herself even through lunch. Her favorite snacks are the colorful sweets that match the colors in her outfit. Sometimes the kinky stories even give her new ideas. In one story, the characters had their genitals replaced by fruit. Sia puts sweet papaya between her legs and rubs it all over her pussy. The juices mix with her own to create a sinfully sweet taste on her fingers. She licks them clean and then plunges her fingers back into her sticky twat until she is cumming her brains out. Next time he plays dress up and reads stories, Sia is going to make sure she has a playmate along to lick up her juices and fuck her silly.
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