Double Barrel For Sakura Haruno

Starring: Sia Siberia

The long lockdown has been rough on Sia Siberia. Before the pandemic, she and her boyfriend went out all the time. He took her to delicious dinners, swanky clubs and they would come home and fuck the night away every weekend. Months of being locked in has taken the spark from their relationship. Now all he does is play video games all day or occasionally watch VR-Porn while she is busy doing other things. In this VR porn scene, Sia wants to have some fun and finds an erotic story that turns her on. She wants to live out the fantasy, but he ignores her. Frustrated and upset, Sia notices her boyfriend’s friend reading nearby. She sits on his knee and reads him the story. Looking down she can see his cock growing in his pants and Sia decides to squeeze it. Getting daring, she opens her top and shows off her tits as she pulls his cock out. With her boyfriend just feet away, Sia starts sucking his cock getting the dick she needs no matter what. When her boyfriend finally looks up from his computer he is shocked, but also turned on by how much his girl loves sucking dick. He joins them, telling Sia to sit on his friends meat while she gives him head. Just like the heroine in her story, she gets to have two cocks at once. They fuck her tight teen pussy and throat. The brothers make it a contest to see who can fuck her harder and who can shoot the biggest load on her pretty face. The next time Sia wants attention, she is going to get it from two guys.
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