Strictly For You

Starring: Scarlett Jones

Pretty coed Scarlett Jones has a problem. She just started her first year in college after attending private, all-girls schools her whole life. While she is enjoying the experience, Scarlett has already found a young man on campus who she likes very much. He invites her to a pool party at his fraternity house and she is very worried. Shy and unsure of herself around boys, Scarlett isnt sure how to act, how to dress or even how to talk to him. In this VR porn video, Scarlett tries on her new swimsuit but is not certain of how it looks. She needs someone’s opinion and the only one home is her stepfather. Scarlett asks you if you think the suit is all right and if it will catch the boy’s attention. She wants to know if you think she is as pretty as VR-Porn Stars. You cant stop staring at your stepdaughter and her fantastic body. She has grown into a lovely young woman with breasts that are almost too much for the suit to handle. Seeing the look on your face tells her all she needs to know. The clear look of lust in your eyes gives her confidence and turns her on. Before you had time to tell her how good she looks, Scarlett spins around and shows you her ass. She notices how hard your cock is getting and asks you to take it out so she can see how sexy you think she is. Scarlett promises not to tell her mom and offers to show you her naked body if you stroke for her. Seeing your cock so big and hard makes her feel more confident and horny. Scarlett spreads her legs and fingers herself while you pump your prick in his fist. She watches you shoot your load, cumming on her own fingers at the same time. If her hot body can do that to her mature stepfather, the boys at school dont stand a chance.
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