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VirtualTaboo Published on Jun 20, 2024
You have been married to Scarlett’s mom for a number of years. They havent all been happy ones. With her mother always jetting off somewhere for business, she hasnt been the best mother or the most attentive wife. Scarlett has always appreciated how well you take care of them though. As she started college, she knew that it was your hard work that has helped pay for things. She has also noticed the way you have been looking at her pretty friend Lilly Bella when they hang around the house. Wanting to thank you for all of your hard work, Scarlett comes up with a great idea and is thrilled when she agrees. In this VR porn episode, you come home from the office and as usual, her mom is nowhere to be found, but you hear the shower running. Checking it out you find Scarlett and Lilly in their tiny bikinis kissing under the warm spray of the water. It’s OK, you dont have to go. This is for you. As a thank you for all you do. I know you have always liked Lilly and I see you checking us out. So relax and enjoy the VR taboo show. Scarlett undresses her pretty blonde friend and then smiles at you when Lilly helps her take off her top to show off the big-tits you have always tried not to notice. Getting back under the spray, the girls spread their legs and show you their tight, wet pussies. Dont you want to fuck one? Or maybe both? Take out your cock, maybe you can. Who is going to be first? The tight blonde or your big-titted redheaded stepdaughter? Why not both? Can you hold off while they cum all over their fingers?
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