Oops The Right Choice

Starring: Lilly Bella

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VirtualTaboo Published on Apr 1, 2024
Lilly Bella and her boyfriend are new in town. Until they get settled in and find a place of their own, they are renting a room from a man with a huge place. It is nice, but they dont know anyone in the city and dont have any money so they spend all of their time alone in the room. To avoid boredom, they try everything they can including watching VR-Porn together to pass the time. One evening when she just cant face another night alone in the room with her man, Lilly asks their landlord to join them. He agrees and suggests they try a fun game where Lilly is blindfolded and has to guess who is touching her. The adventurous couple agrees and after some innocent touching, he takes out his cock. You do the same and the pretty blonde is shocked to wrap her fingers around two big, stiff pricks. If touching them is fun, putting them in her mouth is even more of a party. Without knowing who is who, she pulls down her pants and takes one dick at each end. The guys switch and Lilly no longer cares who is fucking her. They both have big cocks and make her feel amazing. Taking off her blindfold, Lilly is thrilled to be able to see both throbbing poles as she works her mouth from guy to guy. She loves seeing the look in your eyes as she sucks your cock while the stranger bangs her pussy from behind. She loves having all this attention and getting fucked for twice as long as usual, but the best part is the double shot of cum her face gets at the end. Lilly has found a new game and wants to play it every weekend.
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