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I Can Do It If My Mom Can

Starring: Lilly Bella

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VirtualTaboo Published on Jun 13, 2024
Lilly Bella has been very curious lately. Her mom recently remarried to a handsome man and the changes in her mother’s behavior have been impossible to miss. First, she found matching VR Headsets loaded with VR-Porn in her parents’ bedroom. Then she started noticing the loud moans coming from the room every night, even on nights when her new stepfather is away on business. Curious, she goes looking through her mother’s things and discovers something shocking. Hidden in a drawer, the curious blonde finds a massive dildo. It is way bigger than anything she has seen even in VR porn. Just holding it is more than she can fathom. Getting bold, Lilly marches into her stepfather’s study and asks him how it is possible for her mother to use such a massive toy. You are shocked to find her in the room holding your wife’s favorite toy but decide to try and help her so she doesnt hurt herself. The first step is to lube it up and since she has no lube with her, putting it in her mouth is the best method. Lilly has sucked dick before, but nothing nearly this big and she can barely get her lips around the huge thing to make it wet. Stretching her lips around that monster has her turned on and seeing your reaction makes her tight pussy wet. Feeling ready, she slips the head between her legs and into her hole. With your eyes on her, she uses her feet to push it in deeper. The head is barely in, but she can see you stroking your cock, about to cum already and it sends her right over the edge. You both cum at the same time knowing next time it will be more than just a toy in her pussy.
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