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Here Is Your Reward

Starring: Lilly Bella

darkroomvr VR Porn Profile
DarkRoomVR Published on May 14, 2023
Lilly Bella is selling cookies as a college project. The goal is to raise money to help the environment. She has a huge crush on her professor and wants to do well to impress him. Selling cookies is not easy and she has come to expect rejection. When she knocks on the door of a dark apartment she is surprised that the man inside invites her in. She gives him her sales pitch, hopeful that he might purchase some of her cookies, but the way he stares at her makes the pretty blonde uneasy. It soon becomes clear to her that he is not interested in her baked goods, but rather in Lilly herself. Watch the filthy action unfold through your VR Headset as he takes her. He is strong and mysterious and when he touches her face, Lilly feels her knees go weak. She can't help herself as he leads her to the bedroom. He spanks her, telling her she is a bad girl and she agrees, very bad. He takes out his big cock and pulls her panties down. She doesn't even know his name, but begs him to put it into her tight cunt. He is so much bigger than the boys at college and flips her over roughly to paw at her tender tits. She begs him to fuck her harder and to let her taste her juices on his cock. No man has ever made her feel so submissive and taken. She never wants the feeling to end. His big dick fills her up and his icy stare makes her lose control as she dutifully sucks a load from his heavy balls onto her pretty face.
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