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VirtualTaboo Published on Jun 19, 2024
Scarlett Jones is a young woman with a killer body, a gorgeous best friend named Lilly Bella and a huge secret. She has more than a small crush on her bestie and wants to take their relationship to the next level. She invites Lilly over for the weekend and they spend the day in bikinis around the pool. Scarlett invites her into the shower to wash off and has a big surprise waiting. Her favourite toy is stuck to the shower wall. Lilly blushes but admits she is curious because it is so big. She has also never been with another girl but is more than willing to experiment with her beautiful friend. Things heat up quickly and Scarlett is enjoying her friend’s hands on her huge tits when they are interrupted by her stepfather. You try scolding the girls, but Lilly notices that your cock is hard and offers to help you with it if you promise not to tell Scarlett’s mother. Before you can even think enough to answer, the pretty blonde has your cock in her mouth like a real VR porn model and is encouraging Scarlett to come get a taste as well. You have long fantasized about her when watching taboo VR-Porn, but never thought your busty stepdaughter would put her mouth on your pole. Lilly playfully shoves her friend’s head down on her stepdaddy’s dick and giggles as your big rod makes her gag. With two horny teens ready to fuck, you have a blast sliding in and out of their warm, inviting pussies. Scarlett has never felt a cock so big and Lilly is turned on by how naughty it is to see her busty bestie banging her stepdad. You shoot a huge load all over both of their faces and cant wait for your stepdaughter to invite Lilly over again.
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