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Naked For You

Starring: Lilly Bella

virtualtaboo VR Porn Profile
VirtualTaboo Published on Feb 12, 2024
Pretty blonde Lilly Bella has been your nanny for a number of years. She has been taking care of your family for so long, she feels like part of the family. So it was not a surprise when she asked to speak with you in private. You imagined she might need a raise or that she had finally decided to go off to college and would need to quit. You were in no way prepared for Lilly to tell you that she was considering a career as a nude model and that she wanted you to take some pictures for her to send to an agent. You cant believe what she is saying. Your wife would kill you if she ever finds out. Lilly begs for your help. If you just take some pictures, she promises not to tell anyone. You agree and start taking pictures. Lilly bends over in her tiny shorts, showing off her ass. She watches your reaction as she pulls off her shirt and plays with her perky little tits. You have secretly always wanted to see her naked and now she is peeling off her panties in your kitchen while you take pictures. Lilly looks back at you and smiles when she sees the bulge in your trousers. She spreads her pussy and asks if it looks good to you. The throbbing in your pants tells her all she needs to know as she slips a finger into her wet hole. Lilly confesses that she has always had a crush on you. Would you like to try her out? She knows you watch VR-Porn and trusts your opinion. Is she pretty enough to be in the VR Scenes you watch?
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