Voodoo For Bimbo

Starring: Freya Mayer

Freya Mayer VR has been reading a lot about voodoo dolls. She finds the idea of controlling people very intriguing. The pretty teen tries it using her boyfriend’s hair but doesnt get any results. Frustrated, she decides to seek advice from her stepbrother. He is annoyed when she interrupts him while he is watching his favourite VR channel. He agrees to try the voodoo doll with a snippet of her hair. Seeing an opportunity, she plays along when she starts manipulating the doll so it looks like you are controlling her movements. Freya has wanted to fuck you for a long while and is hoping you will take advantage of her. You are sure she is faking but cant resist trying to make her do naughty things. She pretends to be shocked when you make her play with her tits and spreads her legs open but is turned on by playing along. Using the doll you coax her to take out your cock and put it in her mouth. Freya is thrilled to see him hard and ready for her and tastes the forbidden fruit deep in her throat. Convinced she is ready for more, you have Freya take down her shorts so you can fuck her tight pussy. You dont need the doll anymore because she is riding your dick like she never wants to let you go. You dont want to stop either, but she reminds you not to cum in her pussy. In her mouth is better so you can keep having much hot sex as possible. Freya throws away the doll and her boyfriend since she is already the perfect fuck doll and has the only cock she needs.
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