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Starring: Freya Mayer

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VirtualTaboo Published on Apr 14, 2024
Freya Mayer is upset. She was supposed to go shopping with her mother but had to stay home due to poor grades. In this VR porn video, her mother went without her, leaving Freya home alone with her stepfather. He does his best to take good care of her and keep her from being too upset about missing some shopping. But all of this studying and staying home is driving her crazy. She is bored and horny. Freya knows that her stepfather is also having a rough time with mom gone. She has heard you in your room late at night with your VR Headset on. Horny and still angry that mom left without her, Freya decides to see how far she can push you with some ruthless teasing. She puts on a pair of tight shorts and makes sure to bend over in front of you so you get a look at her sexy tight ass. When you get caught watching, you try to leave the room. She stops you and wants to show you more. You know it is a bad idea, but cant resist watching as she strips for you. Her wet panties slide off and her fingers brush against the lips of her tight pussy. She knows it must be hard with mommy away, but she doesnt mind if you want to watch her masturbate. Maybe you even want to take your cock out and stroke it with her. Freya watches you pump your meat and starts cumming all over her fingers. Let mommy enjoy shopping, she is going to spend some quality time making stepdaddy happy.
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