Think Pink

Starring: Sasha

Sasha is at home admiring her newly purchased lingerie. She has a big weekend planned with her boyfriend and wants to make sure that the pink lace bra and garter belt fit just right. Her stepbrother passes her room and sees her through the open door. He was planning on enjoying some VR-Porn in his room, but cant take his eyes off of Sasha. When she catches you looking, Sasha invites you into the bedroom. She tells you what the outfit is for and asks if you think her boyfriend will like it. You dont answer her, but she sees you covering the bulge in your pants and is flattered. Sasha turns her ass towards you and teases you. She offers to give you a live show that is even hotter than what you would see on your VR Headset. You are nervous, but she reminds you that they are just stepbrother and sister and not really related. Since you arent really related it is just fine that your cock is hard and that you pump it while she strips. Sasha stares at your dick, encouraging you to stroke fast, pump harder and show her how much you want to fuck her. Getting a good look at your cock as it throbs in your hand, Sasha decides that she wants to fuck you too. It would be wrong to cheat on her boyfriend with her stepbrother, but your dick just looks so good. For today, she is just going to rub her pussy and watch you jack off to her.
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