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VR Porn Video: Do You Wanna Be A Star

Starring: Elena Vedem

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DarkRoomVR Published on Dec 21, 2022
After a few small parts in television programs and virtual reality films, beautiful young Elena Vedem finally has her first chance at a starring role in a big-budget film. It is a great opportunity that is sure to become a successful franchise. Her agent sends her to meet with the producer to discuss the terms of her new contract. Sitting nervously in the producer's office, she was intimidated when he saw him come in and silently handed her the contract. Looking at it, Elena is stunned by the dollar amount but worried when she sees that she will be required to do anything he wants for the duration of her contact. She is worried about what this might include, but the incredible payoff and his menacing stare have her unable to resist signing. As soon as her name is on the contract, you order her onto her knees so you can pull up her dress and spank her ass. In this VR porn video, you take out your cock and Elena cannot take her eyes off of it. It is hard, throbbing and much bigger than she would have expected. Remembering her contract, Elena moves in close and puts the fat head of your dick into her mouth. Pleased by her blowjob skills, but not satisfied with just head, you turn her around and tears off her panties to get at her tight little pussy. You are relentless, pushing every inch of your cock into her and making her feel like no lover ever has. She rides your cock and cums harder than she can remember. You order her off your dick and then shocks her with a huge load in her mouth. She never even lets her boyfriend do that, but you tell her to get used to it because you will be feeding her regularly from now on.
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