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VR Porn Video: Butts Made For Challenge


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DarkRoomVR Published on Jan 9, 2023
Natasha 10, Daniela Ortiz and Alicia Trece are all enjoying the game in the special sexual challenge room. All three of them are beautiful, sexually adventurous and willing to do whatever it takes to win this game. Their master uses their enthusiasm to set up a special array of challenges to see who is most suited for the winner position. He has them dressed in matching, short black dresses for easy access. For the first challenge, he orders Natasha and Daniela to undress Alicia and then strip themselves. Once they are nearly naked, he has all three women get on their knees and properly beg to suck his cock. Since they all want to win, the girls dutifully take turns using their lips and tongues to bathe his prick in wet warmth. In this VR porn video, he chooses Natasha to ride his dick first and while his meat fills her pussy Daniela slides her fist into the blonde slut's asshole. It is tough to top that kind of commitment to anal filth, but Daniela proves she can take a cock in her butt as well as anyone. No ass goes unfucked as he puts all three women through their paces. They all do fine, but Natasha and her stunning ass seem to make her the clear favorite. He keeps going back to enjoy her hole before shooting his load into her willing mouth. She shares the jizz with her friends. All three of these cum-hungry anal sluts are going to fine additions to his challenge games.
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